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We feel pleasure to introduce you "SILKROAD CARAVAN" an independent travel company and tour operator which facilitate tourist for adventure tours, mountain expedition, Cultural tours, Historical tours, T.V Coordination, Research work & Business consulting. Our team can provide you with a vast range of services covering all tourism aspects in China, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan & Uzbekistan.... [ Read More ]


Naltar Valleys Tour - [ Tours ]

Pakistan Naltar is the panoramic tourist resort fully-day outing from Gilgit. It is an area of alpine meadows and pine forests 3,000 meters (10,000 feet) above... [Read More]


Pakistan Kalash Valleys are in the southwest side of Chitral District. It is the home of the Khalashi tribe - a primitive pagan tribe. The 3,000 Kalashi live i... [Read More]


Pakistan Karimabad is the capital of Hunza also known as Baltit. En-route stops at Nanga Parbat (8125m) view point on the Himalayan Range, and the panoramic v... [Read More]

Skardu, Little Tibet, Baltistan Tour - [ Tours ]

Pakistan Baltistan is known as "Little Tibet" - is one of the stunning landscapes in the world. It is situated in the Karakoram Mountains just to the south of ... [Read More]

trout fishing.Fly fishing Gilgit Baltistan - [ Tours ]

Pakistan The Indus River and its tributaries are the lifeline of Pakistan, Running from the highest mountain ranges in the world in the Himalayas down to the v... [Read More]

Hunza 8 days tour - [ Tours ]

Pakistan HUNZA 8 DAYS TOURS... [Read More]

Ultar Peak (7388m) - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan Ultar Peak is not easy to summit. Numerous climbers tried to summit it but only a Japanese Expedition succeeded to reach the top of Ultar Peak in 1995... [Read More]

Spantik (7027m) - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan Spantic which is locally known as Queen Mountain and is the easiest 7000m climbing peak in the world. Due to its beauty, it has been given many names,... [Read More]

Passu peak (7284m) - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan Passu Peak located at the west of Butura Muztagh in the upper Hunza valley. Passu is one hundred km from the china border and is considered to be the ... [Read More]

Nanga Parbat (8125m) - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan Nanga Parbat is the second highest mountain of Pakistan and the 9th highest in the world. Nanga Parbat is not a single peak but it consist of 20 km lo... [Read More]

K2 (8616m) - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan K2 is known to be the second highest peak in the world. The route to K2 goes through the famous Shigar valley and Baltoro glacier region of Pakistan. ... [Read More]

Gasherbrum III (7952m) - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan Gasherbrum III (7,952m) is located in the range of beautiful mountain Gashabrum which is considered to be the highest unclimbed peak in the world befo... [Read More]

Gasherbrum II (8035m) - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan Gasherbrum-II (8035 meters) is the 13th highest Peak on earth which is situated in the upper Baltoro Range bordering China and the north face assessab... [Read More]

Gasherbrum I Hidden Peak (8068m) - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan The original route to summit Gasherbrum- I is restricted due to Pakistan and India conflict on siachen Glacier since 1980s. Currently, climbers use th... [Read More]

Diran Expedition (7272m) - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan Diran is situated between Rakaposhi and Haramosh on the Karakorum Range which is one of the most beautiful and attractive mountain in Nagar Valley. Di... [Read More]

Broad Peak Expedition (8047m) - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan Broad Peak is one of the 8000m Peaks which stand above Concordia at the center of the Karakorum Range. It is located on the Pakistan /China frontier b... [Read More]

Shipton Spire (5910m) - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan Shipton Spire is very near to Trango Valley most challenging rock wall in the Karakoram Range. High and steep ledges are found here. This peak is situ... [Read More]

Shaigri Peak (5690m) - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan Shaigri Peak 5690m, gives a view of beautiful southern panorama of Nang Parbat. The journey will start from the Narrow Astore Gorge in a jeep drive wh... [Read More]

Jalipur South (5206m) - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan One of the easiest trekking peaks in the Pakistan Himalaya situated South Jalipur peak (5206m) in west of the Raikot Glacier and in south of the Khust... [Read More]

Sakar Sar Peak (6272m) - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan Saker Sar peak is located on the borders of Wakhan and Pakistan. This peak is one of the magnificent peaks in the Chipurson valley of Gojal (Hunza). S... [Read More]

Paiyu Peak (6660m) - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan Paiyu Peak (6660m) is panoramic one which attracts trekkers for an easy approach to climb. Trekkers are advised to use Kerosene and stoves as deforest... [Read More]

Minglig Sar - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan Minglig Sar (6050m) is one of the most easiest trek and is located in the Shimshal Valley in Hunza. A beautiful view of Shimshal Lake can be seen in t... [Read More]

Hunza/Rash Peak (5098m) - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan The trek of Rash Peak is one of the easiest and interesting trek if weather allowed trekkers can easily see Broad Peak (8047m) and Gasherbrum 4 (7925m... [Read More]

Khosar Gang Peak (6400m) - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan Khoser Gung, a Balti word means Ice Pumpkin. This is one of the easiest trekking and is situated in the Shigar Valley, on the left bank of Braldu Rive... [Read More]

Gondogoro Peak (5650m) Hushe - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan Gondogoro Peak situated in Hushe valley Khispang. Gondogoro-Peak lies in front of the beautiful Laila Peak. It is easy but challenging for the beginne... [Read More]

Mirshikar Peak (5486M) Hunza/Nagar - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan This is the easiest trek starts from Minapin Nagar (2012m) the nearest trek from KKH Road to 7000m peaks base camp of Rakhposhi and Diran. It leads fr... [Read More]

Great Trango Tower (6286m) - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan The great Trango is a very beautiful and technically difficult to climb. It is climbed from different rout but the first climbing route was from the w... [Read More]

Bakhor Das (5809m) - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan Half covered with snow, a beautiful mountain still no one reaches successfully on the summit. Many expeditions attempted to summit it but not yet succ... [Read More]

Amin Brakk (Great Tower) (5850m) - [ Expeditions ]

Pakistan This peak is dedicated to the famous climbing cook Amin. Amin Brakk is located in the Nangma Valley of Karakoram Range. It is in open zone, trekking p... [Read More]

North Pakistan Jeep Safari - [ Safaris ]

Pakistan Jeep Safaris are one of the most popular adventure programs in Pakistan. For those with the sense of adventure but not desirous of long walks, Jeep Sa... [Read More]

Ibex Trophy Hunting (Shikar Safaris) - [ Safaris ]

Pakistan Hunting rules in the valley are strict. It is restricted to the relatively dry mountains of the inner Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindu Kush between 3200 ... [Read More]

Desert Rajasthan Pakistan Safari - [ Safaris ]

Pakistan Desert Safari starts from Multan leads toward Bahawalpur-Yazman and Chanan Pir. It takes us to explore desert mysteries dating back to 17th century.Po... [Read More]

Across Silk Route Safari - [ Safaris ]

Pakistan The tour Across Silk Route Safari will help you to Explore the Himalaya, the Hindukush, the Pamirs and the Karakorum, and drive along the Karakoram Hi... [Read More]

Hunza-Shimshal,Jeep, Safari, - [ Safaris ]

Pakistan The tour for the beautiful Shimshal Valley is only accessible through a narrow, barren gorge in the opposite of the new Passu (Jan Abad) across the Hu... [Read More]

Yak Safari Shimshal Hunza valley - [ Safaris ]

Pakistan Introduction: On the way to upper Hunza Gojal Shimshal Valley Yak safari in Shimshal Valley Suspension bridge in Passu Gojal Valley... [Read More]

Silk road Jeep - [ Safaris ]

Pakistan Silk Road Jeep Safari Silk Road The Journey along The Karakoram Highway ancient Silk Road world's highest paved trade route connecting Pakistan, Chi... [Read More]

Deosai plato Excursion National park, - [ Cultural and Heritage Tours ]

Pakistan Deosai literally means "sleeping giant". Deosai is the highest and largest Plateau on this planet earth at an average height of 4200m above sea level ... [Read More]

Indus Civilization, (Mohenjo-daro & Harappa) - [ Cultural and Heritage Tours ]

Pakistan This tour focuses on the different varieties of ancient civilization. It takes us 4500 years back in the Indus Civilization from some of the oldest ci... [Read More]

Shandur Pass Polo Festival - [ Cultural and Heritage Tours ]

Pakistan Historically, polo being the king of games was played between small kingdoms, villages and rival groups of Gilgit and Chitral. From 1936 onwards polo ... [Read More]

Gandhara Buddha Tour, - [ Cultural and Heritage Tours ]

Pakistan The Gandhara tour is designed to explore the hidden treasures of ancient history and the marvels of nature of the northern valleys of Pakistan. The Ga... [Read More]

Biking Pakistan Karakoram Highway - [ Bi-Cycle Tours ]

Pakistan The raw natural beauty of glaciers 8,000 m snow-capped peaks and surging streams await you on our adventurous bicycle tour through northern Pakistan. ... [Read More]

Karakuram Bike Tour - [ Bi-Cycle Tours ]

Pakistan Max. Altitude: 4700M Duration: 12-14days from Islamabad to back Islamabad Suitable period: End of May to October... [Read More]


Pakistan Max. Altitude: 4700M Duration: 16-18 days from Islamabad to back Islamabad Suitable period: End of May to October... [Read More]


Pakistan (Along Indus River, Hunza Valley-Khunjerab Pass Cycling in Hunza ValleyCycling in Hunza Valley Cycling in Hunza Valley to Kashgar) Maximum altitud... [Read More]

K2 Circular: Pilgrimage to High Heavens - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan K2 BASE CAMP GONDOGORO-LA TREK is believed to be one of the greatest treks of the world. This trek enables us to experience impressive mountain scener... [Read More]

Chapursan Lupghar Pass Trek - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan This trek is still unknown with commercial trekkers. This is a unique trek in the virgin terrain of the historical Wakhan Corridor that lies between P... [Read More]

Diran BC Trek and Hunza Tour - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan This trek starts from the village of Minapin in Nagar Valley and also known as Minapin Trek. This is the easiest access from the Karakoram Highway to ... [Read More]

Hushe Gondogoro BC Trek - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan Hushe valley is home of trekkers and mountaineers. This valley starts from K1 (Mashabrum 7821m) which gives you a beautiful view from the starting vil... [Read More]

Nanga Parbat Rupal Face Trek - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan Nanga Parbat means "Naked Mountain", in Sanskrit language. According to the local old legend, Nanga Parbat is also called Diamir, which means habitat ... [Read More]

Hunza-Nagar Rashphari Trek - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan RashPhari (4938m) which means “sparkling lake”. It starts from Hoper the best trekking routes for beginners and novices, but equally interesting for e... [Read More]

Biafo Hisper Trek (Skardu Hunza Nagar) - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan The trek starts by following the K2 Base Camp trail and then turns west onto the Biafo Glacier. Biafo and Hispar glaciers meet at Hispar La making thi... [Read More]

Passu Batura Glacier Trek - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan This trek is one of the most easiest and interesting trek in the Hunza Region. The journey starts from the beautiful village of Passu. It is 58 km lon... [Read More]

Spantik BC and Haramosh La Trek - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan Spantik peak is also known as Golden Peak. It comes in Haramosh region of the Karakorum Pakistan. This Golden Peak is 7030 meters above sea level and ... [Read More]

Chapursan Chilinji Pass Trek - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan It is a seventeen days trek to Chilinji pass. It starts from Chupurson (Baba Gundi) and ends at Bort (Ashkoman). The total distance is 57km. It is als... [Read More]

Mintaka and Kilik Pass Trek - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan The Mintaka Pass remained the only strategic route in ancient times. The trail to Kilik pass begins on the Kilik River’s true right bank, leaving the ... [Read More]

Nanga Parbat Fairy Meadows and Rakaposhi BC Trek - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan This trek takes us almost all of the Western Himalayan and driving along some splendid areas of Karakoram. We also have magnificent views of the naked... [Read More]

Lupgar - Babaghundi Circle - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan The newly opened valley of Chupurson (3100m) boarder with Wakhan Pamir and Killik Mintika with China. This boarder valley of Chupurson was isolated du... [Read More]

Hushe Masherbrum BC Trek - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan Hushe Msherbrum Base Camp trek is one of the beautiful short treks to the base camp. It starts from the Hushe Village crossing Ghandoghoro River and w... [Read More]

Tirich Mir Trek,Hindukush, - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan The Dark King (in wakhi Language) Tirich Mir (7706m/) is the highest peak in the Hindu Kush mountain range. This is located between Pakistan and Afgha... [Read More]

K2 Base Camp Trek - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan The most famous trekking route in the world is K2 base camp. It starts from Skardu, crosses Shigar, and on your way to Askoli you will cross different... [Read More]

K2 Gasherbrum BC Trek - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan The most famous trekking route in the world is K2 Concordia Gashabrum base camp. Starting from Skardu, crossing Shigar, and on your way to Askoli you ... [Read More]

Around Nanga Parbat Mazeno Pass Trek, - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan Western extremity of the mighty Himalaya Nanga Parbat, means "Naked Mountain" in Sanskrit. Local old legend, Nanga Parbat is also called Diamir. Nang... [Read More]

Hunza Patundas Trek - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan Upper Hunza Patundas trek goes along the Batura Glaciers on the right and Passu glacier on the left. Patundas is a summer pasture with an altitude of ... [Read More]

Trekking, Pakistan, - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan Stretching north from the Arabian Sea, the plains of Pakistan culminate into the lush valleys of Dir, Swat and Kaghan. Beyond them, lie the great nort... [Read More]

Karomber Lake Trekking by Silkroad Caravan Tours - [ Trekking ]

Pakistan Karomber Lake Trekking by Silkroad Caravan Tours Karomber Lake Trekking by Silkroad Caravan Tours The trek of the Wahkhan Corridor had waters pas... [Read More]


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