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Amin Brakk (Great Tower) (5850m)

Pakistan This peak is dedicated to the famous climbing cook Amin. Amin Brakk is located in the Nangma Valley of Karakoram Range. It is in open zone, trekking p... [Read More]

Bakhor Das (5809m)

Pakistan Half covered with snow, a beautiful mountain still no one reaches successfully on the summit. Many expeditions attempted to summit it but not yet succ... [Read More]

Broad Peak Expedition (8047m)

Pakistan Broad Peak is one of the 8000m Peaks which stand above Concordia at the center of the Karakorum Range. It is located on the Pakistan /China frontier b... [Read More]

Diran Expedition (7272m)

Pakistan Diran is situated between Rakaposhi and Haramosh on the Karakorum Range which is one of the most beautiful and attractive mountain in Nagar Valley. Di... [Read More]

Gasherbrum I Hidden Peak (8068m)

Pakistan The original route to summit Gasherbrum- I is restricted due to Pakistan and India conflict on siachen Glacier since 1980s. Currently, climbers use th... [Read More]

Gasherbrum II (8035m)

Pakistan Gasherbrum-II (8035 meters) is the 13th highest Peak on earth which is situated in the upper Baltoro Range bordering China and the north face assessab... [Read More]

Gasherbrum III (7952m)

Pakistan Gasherbrum III (7,952m) is located in the range of beautiful mountain Gashabrum which is considered to be the highest unclimbed peak in the world befo... [Read More]

Gondogoro Peak (5650m) Hushe

Pakistan Gondogoro Peak situated in Hushe valley Khispang. Gondogoro-Peak lies in front of the beautiful Laila Peak. It is easy but challenging for the beginne... [Read More]

Great Trango Tower (6286m)

Pakistan The great Trango is a very beautiful and technically difficult to climb. It is climbed from different rout but the first climbing route was from the w... [Read More]

Hunza/Rash Peak (5098m)

Pakistan The trek of Rash Peak is one of the easiest and interesting trek if weather allowed trekkers can easily see Broad Peak (8047m) and Gasherbrum 4 (7925m... [Read More]

Jalipur South (5206m)

Pakistan One of the easiest trekking peaks in the Pakistan Himalaya situated South Jalipur peak (5206m) in west of the Raikot Glacier and in south of the Khust... [Read More]

K2 (8616m)

Pakistan K2 is known to be the second highest peak in the world. The route to K2 goes through the famous Shigar valley and Baltoro glacier region of Pakistan. ... [Read More]

Khosar Gang Peak (6400m)

Pakistan Khoser Gung, a Balti word means Ice Pumpkin. This is one of the easiest trekking and is situated in the Shigar Valley, on the left bank of Braldu Rive... [Read More]

Minglig Sar

Pakistan Minglig Sar (6050m) is one of the most easiest trek and is located in the Shimshal Valley in Hunza. A beautiful view of Shimshal Lake can be seen in t... [Read More]

Mirshikar Peak (5486M) Hunza/Nagar

Pakistan This is the easiest trek starts from Minapin Nagar (2012m) the nearest trek from KKH Road to 7000m peaks base camp of Rakhposhi and Diran. It leads fr... [Read More]

Nanga Parbat (8125m)

Pakistan Nanga Parbat is the second highest mountain of Pakistan and the 9th highest in the world. Nanga Parbat is not a single peak but it consist of 20 km lo... [Read More]

Paiyu Peak (6660m)

Pakistan Paiyu Peak (6660m) is panoramic one which attracts trekkers for an easy approach to climb. Trekkers are advised to use Kerosene and stoves as deforest... [Read More]

Passu peak (7284m)

Pakistan Passu Peak located at the west of Butura Muztagh in the upper Hunza valley. Passu is one hundred km from the china border and is considered to be the ... [Read More]

Sakar Sar Peak (6272m)

Pakistan Saker Sar peak is located on the borders of Wakhan and Pakistan. This peak is one of the magnificent peaks in the Chipurson valley of Gojal (Hunza). S... [Read More]

Shaigri Peak (5690m)

Pakistan Shaigri Peak 5690m, gives a view of beautiful southern panorama of Nang Parbat. The journey will start from the Narrow Astore Gorge in a jeep drive wh... [Read More]

Shipton Spire (5910m)

Pakistan Shipton Spire is very near to Trango Valley most challenging rock wall in the Karakoram Range. High and steep ledges are found here. This peak is situ... [Read More]

Spantik (7027m)

Pakistan Spantic which is locally known as Queen Mountain and is the easiest 7000m climbing peak in the world. Due to its beauty, it has been given many names,... [Read More]

Ultar Peak (7388m)

Pakistan Ultar Peak is not easy to summit. Numerous climbers tried to summit it but only a Japanese Expedition succeeded to reach the top of Ultar Peak in 1995... [Read More]


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