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Zone:        Open

Duration:       11 Days

Best Time:     Round the Year@iŠJ‰Ô‚Í4ŒŽ-5ŒŽ‰{j


If someone wants to visit Paradise on Earth do visit the Beautiful Hunza Valley. Karimabad is the capital of Hunza also known as Baltit.  En-route stops at Nanga Parbat (8125m) view point on the Himalayan Range, and the panoramic view of Haramosh Range. On the way up to Hunza-Nagar Glacier Breez view of Rakaposhi (7788m). From where you will have magnificent views of Rakaposhi Mountain and can have a Tea stop.The central Hunza known as Karimabad is basically a town of just 6 villages. There are spectacular views of Rakaposhi Mountain (7788 meters).There is a Bazaar (almost every local product is available here). Two oldest and historical forts namely Altit and Baltit Forts and the museum is centre of attraction for all tourists. Karimabad is a popular tourist destination because of the spectacular scenery of the surrounding above 6000m Peaks like Ultar Sar, Rakaposhi, Diran Peak, Golden Piller (spantik), Hunza Peak,and Bublimating (Ladyfinger Peak).  The Hunza is popularly known as “The lost Kingdom” among Japanese and “The Shangri-La” among British.

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Day 01          Islamabad. Hotel.

Day 02          Fly to Gilgit or drive to Besham in case of flight cancellation. Hotel.

Day 03          Drive to Gilgit. Hotel.

Day 04          Drive to Hunza. Hotel.

Day 05-07    In Hunza for sightseeing. Hotel.

Day 08         Drive back to Gilgit. Hotel.

Day 09          Fly to Islamabad or drive to Besham. Hotel.

Day 10          Free day or complete road journey. Hotel.

Day 11          Fly out.



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