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Pakistan Indus Civilization, (Mohenjo-daro & Harappa) - [ Cultural and Heritage Tours ]

Zone:               Open

Duration:            15 Days

Best Time:        Round the Year


This tour focuses on the different varieties of ancient civilization. It takes us 4500 years back in the Indus Civilization from some of the oldest cities in the world-Mohenjo-daro & Harappa. The Indus Valley Civilization was at its peak in Southern Pakistan some 4500 years ago and excavations at Moenjodaro, Harrappa and Kotdiji revealed a highly developed society thriving 2500 BC. In the North Buddhist Stupas, Monasteries and temples of Taxila, Takht-e-Bahi, Swat and Peshawar recall the great classical traditions of Gandhara Art, Architecture and Sculpture.


The rich archaeological existence at Moenjodaro, Mehrgarh, Kot Diji, Harrappa, Taxila, Shabazgarhi, Peshawar, Takht-e-Bahi, Swat, Gilgit, Skardu and at many other places are today the heritage of all mankind.This tour also gives an opportunity to explore the unexpectedly little known monument and ruins of the Islamic era, the blue glassy monuments & the city of saints Multan, Uch Sharif, (Bahawalpur) on the boundary of the Cholistan Desert, the huge barren region at Derawar fort, impressive Mughal city of Lahore, and touching the Gandhara civilization in Swat valley to the splendors of Gilgit-Baltistan with tips to valleys like well-known Hunza Valley, Khunjerab Pass


Day 01          Karachi

Arrival at Karachi. Hotel.

Day 02          Karachi/Thatta

Fly to Thatta. Hotel.

Day 03          Karachi/Moenjodaro

Fly to Moenjpdaro for full day sightseeing and fully back to Karachi. Hotel.

Day 04          Karachi/Islamabad

Fly to Islamabad. Full day sightseeing of the both the twin cities. Hotel.

Day 05          Islamabad/Peshawar

Depart by road to Peshawar, the capital of NWFP enroute visit Taxila. Hotel.

Day 06          Peshawar

Full day visit to Khyber Pass and afternoon  sightseeing. Hotel.

Day 07          Peshawar/Chitral:

Flight (subject to weather) to Chitral the capital town of the Hindukush. Hotel.

Day 08          Swat

Drive to Swat. Hotel.

Day 09          Gilgit

Drive to Gilgit.

Day 10          Gilgit/Hunza

Drive along Karakoram Highway along the breath taking scenery of the Hunza Valley. Hotel.

Day 11          Hunza

Visit Khunjerab Pass. Hotel.

Day 12         Gilgit

Drive to Gilgit.

Day 13          Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Fly to Islamabad or drive to Besham in case of flight cancellation.

Day 14          Lahore

Afternoon, fly to Lahore Half day sightseeing. Hotel.

Day 15          Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Fly to Rawalpindi for connect home-bound flight. Hotel.




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