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Afghanistan Bamiyan Buddha tour and Bukhara Uzbekistan - [ Cultural and Heritage Tours ]

In Afghanistan’s distant north-eastern corner lies the Wakhan corridor. This narrow strip of land once formed the buffer zone between the British and Russian Empires and was of immense strategic importance during the 19th century Great Game. Today the area is inhabited predominantly by Wakhi herdsmen and is not only remote and peaceful, but is also blessed with some of the finest mountain scenery the world has to offer.

From Dushanbe in Tajikistan, we will first travel into the Tajik Pamir to witness life here before heading to the Afghan border and into the Wakhan Valley. We will make our way slowly up the valley, visiting villages, taking some day walks and enjoying some traditional Afghan hospitality. We will stay in basic guesthouses throughout our time in Afghanistan as we discover the delights of this famed region. This is a trip right out there on the edge of civilisation: we will find no mobile reception, internet access or even electricity for the most part! What we will experience here though takes us back to another century when people lived in a very different way… unlike so many you hear about, this trip is a true adventure of a life time.


Day 1  fly Tokyo Japan for UAE or Islamabad

Day 2  Islamabad  Kabul

Day 3  Kabul city excursions

Day 4  Kabul Jalalabad  stay in spinger hotel Jalalabad

Day 5 Jalalabad to Kabul full day drive and stay in Kabul Sarena hotel

Day 6  Drive to Bamiyan Valley stay at bamiyan Gust house

Day 7  Bamiyan – explorations stay at bamiyan Gust house

Day 8  Bamiyan excursion to Bandi-i-Mir Lake stay at Bamiyan Gust House  

Day 9  Drive via Samangan Monastery to Mazar e Sherif  stay at mazar e Sherif Hotel

Day 10  Mazar e Sherif - excursion to Balkh  overnight at maazar e sheriff

Day 11 Drive to Termez

Day 12 Samarkand and Shakrisabaz

Day 13 Drive to Bukhara

Day 14 Full day in Bukhara

Day 15 Bukhara to Tashkent

Day 16 Tashkent to Beijing china   

Day 17 Beijing to Tokyo Japan



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