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Tajikistan Samarkand Penjikent Fann mountain Istaravshan (formerly Ura-Tube) Khujand Tashkent - [ Trekking ]

The Fann Mountains of The Great Pamir is the popular and well-known place tourists and mountaineers, used since 1960th up to present days. As it was the place for organization of International Mountaineering Festivals and Competition. It is the name of a mountain massif which forms part of the Pamir-Alay and is situated in the very heart of Central Asia, which is 200 km east of Samarkand. This area is rich in mountain lakes and lofty peaks and has more than ten peaks with a height of over 5000 ms.

The banks of the numerous crystal-clear lakes are overgrown with forests of relic archas-tree which can be found only here. The trunks of the ancient archa-tree, wound into a spiral by the severe winter winds, produce an unforgettable impression by their fancy forms. Birch trees, poplars, mountain blue bal berry, wild cherry trees and many medicinal herbs grow in the valleys. Due to it's fine climate, this area is very attractive for trekkers, hikers, climbers, lovers of outings on horseback. Rains, cloudy skies, or strong winds are rather here. The time from June to October is the most favorable for travels.

As well as bright color of rivers and rocks, mysterious and beautiful Iskan-derkul lake, Yagnob river, which went through cyclone rocky obstruction mar-velous and pointed peaks: Chimtarga 5489 m, Ganza 5330 m,Chapdara 5200 m.

Warm and stable weather, hospitability of local people, who has preserved who has preserved ancient tradition and way of life, all this no doubt makes Fann mountains popular among trekkers in Central Asia.

Tajiks populating the area with their languages, customs and aspirations, which most foreigners have no idea of, and with it's mode of life that is tightly knit with the rules of Islam and is hardly comprehensible for them, live in an original world of their own, contacts with them stuns travelers and, like local nature, are an unforgettable experience.

The Alpinism-Tourism center "Artouch" situated in the very heart of Fann mountains, in the picturesque surroundings of Kuli-Kalon lakes, which are famous for having major ideal peaks for mountaineering.

Trekking in Fann Mountains is an unforgettable experience!


Day 1     Meeting group in International airport in Tashkent, Tashkent arrive, and drive to hotel, Accommodation, dinner and rest.

Day 2     After breakfast drive to the Samarkand (350 km and 6 hours). In Samarkand accommodation in hotel and then half day SS around Samarkand. Back to hotel, dinner and rest.

Day 3     After breakfast drive to the Uzbek/Tajik border between Samarkand and Penjikent, and Tajik partner pick up group on the Uzbek/Tajik border “JARTEPO” at 8-00 AM. Crossing through border and then transfer to Penjikent, SS around Penjikent visit to ancient excavation, and Sogdian ruins, museum and then lunch after drive to mountain to Seven lake, accommodation in the tents near of the bank of lake. SS surrounding.

Day 4     Trekking day after breakfast go to Tavasang pass ( H-3120m.) lunch on the pick of pass and then go in down to the Sarmat river. The base camp arrange the near bank of river overnight in the tent.

Day 5     Trekking day after breakfast go to Munora (Tower)pass ( H-3500m.) lunch on the pick of pass and go in down to the Archamaidan river. The base camp arrange the near bank of river overnight at the tent.

Day 6     Trekking day after breakfast go to Pushtikul lake, lunch on the bank of lake SS surrounding and then go in down to the Dou oba(Two rivers) base camp in Amshut river at the near the old village. Overnight at the tent.

Day 7     after breakfast drive to Khujand, through Istaravshan (formerly Ura-Tube) by mountain road and mountain pass “Shakhristan” H- 3373 m. In Istaravshan (Ura-Tube) have a short time SS lunch and then drive to Khujand SS visit to “Timurmalik” fortress, medresse and Orient bazaar “Panjshanbe and drive to hotel. In Khujand accommodation in hotel, dinner and rest.

Day 8     after breakfast 8-00 drive to the Tajik/Uzbek border “Oybek”, crossing and drive to Tashkent. In Tashkent lunch and after SS in museums, visit tio madresse till 18-00 PM, then dinner and 19-30 drive to airport and fly to home



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