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Tajikistan Golden ring of the Fann mountains - [ Trekking ]

Picturesque Fann mountains of Pamir-Alay and ancient monuments of history and archeology of one of the biggest cities of Great Silk Road connects each other in this tour. Legendary cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Penjikent with their deep history will open their oriental charm. Fann mountains meet the travellers with mountain coolness and crystall-freshness of the air. The route called,"Golden Ring of Fann mountains" lies along the mountain path, put through the pass around the highest point of the region - peak Chimtarga. Juniper trees, lakes with indelible beauty of the surrounded landscape, moraines, ice-glaciers and tempestuous rivers meet tourists on the route. This tour ends in a hot Bukhara, where tourists via Tashkent will fly home.


Days      21

Season                 1. 07. -30. 10.

Min. group of    8 - 20 per.

Pearls of the Fann mountains


Day 1     Arrival to Tashkent. Drive to Penjikent (360kms). accommodation in hotel.

Day 2    

After breakfast drive to Pendjikent (360kms). Accomodation in hotel. Excursion in Pendjikent Arceologial diggings of ancient Pendjikent, Archeological museum, and republican historical- athnographic museum of Rudaky drive to Bace camp"Artouch"H-2200m. (75km). Accomodation in hotel.

Day 3     Passage to Kulikalon lakes. Sightseeing around picturesque lakes. Camping.

Day 4     Taking of Alouddin pass (1A3600ms). Descent to Alouddin lakes. Camping.

Day 5     Passage to the uppers of river Chapdara to the lake Mutnoe, under the peak of Chimtarga (5489ms). Camping.

Day 6     Tough day. Ascent to the foothills of Chimtarga pass (4500ms). Camping on the highlands.

Day 7     Strainy day. Taking the pass of Chimtarga (1B 4750ms). Descent to the picturesque lake Big Alo. Camping.

Day 8     Descent through the gorge Zindon to the river Amshut. Camping.

Day 9    

Passage to the valley of Archamaidon river. transfer Via Pendjikent to Samarkand (150kms). Accomodation in hotel.

Day 10   Full day excursion in majestic Samarkand: Gur Emir mausoleum, Registan square, mosque and medresse of Bibikhanum, Shahi-Zinda ensemble, ancient town Afrasiab, Ulugbek Observatory, the museum of History of Uzbekistan. Overnight hotel.

Day 11   Transfer from Samarkand to Bukhara (270kms). accommodation in hotel.

Day 12   Excursion in ancient monuments of Bukhara. Ensemble Poyi-Kalon, Samanid's mausoleum, Ark fortress, complex of Bolo-Khauz, Summer residence of Emir Sitorai Mohi Khossa, Mosque and medresse Mir Arab. Overnight hotel.

Day 13   Transfer Bukhara-Tashkent (560 kms). accommodation in hotel.

Day 14   Flight home.



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