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Tajikistan Fann mountains tajakistan - [ Trekking ]

Fann mountains - is the unique mountain region, lying between Zerafshan and Gissar ranges of Pamir-Alay. Majority of large and small lakes, as a pearl, scattered in the valleys and gorges bet- ween the majestic peaks of 5000ms hight covered with eternal snow. The route starts with visiting of two the most ancient cities of Great Silk Road - Samarkand and Bukhara. After the acquaintance with the cities tourists will move to Marguzor lakes, which is called"Seven Bellies"by local people. This is the starting point for all treckings to Fann mountains. After overcoming some passes tourists will occur in the heart of this mountain region - in Kulikalon lakes, the picturesque place, surrounded with grandeuos rocky walls. Mountain treckings will be finished in Alouddin lakes, from where tourists drive to Samarkand via Penjikent


Days      14

Season                 10. 07-15. 09

Min. group of    8-20 per

Day 1     Arrival to Tashkent. Drive (flight) to Bukhara. accommodation in hotel.

Day 2     Excursion in ancient monuments of Bukhara. Ensemble Poyi-Kalon, Samanid's mausoleum, Ark fortress, complex of Bolo-Khauz.

Day 3     Transfer Bukhara-Samarkand (270kms). accommodation in hotel. On the second half of the day excursion of the ancient monuments of Samarkand, Afrasiab, Gur-Emir, Registan square.

Day 4     Transfer from Samarkand to Penjikent (Tajikistan 70km). Excursion in the town. On the second half of the day transfer to the 6-th of Marguzor lakes by the mountain bus. Camping.

Day 5     Taking of Tovasang Pass (1A3300ms). Descent to valley of the river Sarimat. Camping.

Day 6     Taking of the Munora pass (1A3500ms). Descent to the valley of river Archamaidan. Camping.

Day 7     Hiking along the valley of river Archamaidan to the Zurmech settlement. Camping.

Day 8     Taking of the pass of Guitan. Sightseeing of the picturesque Chukurak lake. Descent to ATC"Artouch". accommodation in cottages.

Day 9     Passage to Kulikalon lakes. Camping.

Day 10   Taking the pass of Alouddin (1A3600ms). Descent to Alouddin lakes. Camping.

Day 11   Passage through the gorge Choukourak up to Mutnoe lakes. Camping.

Day 12   Tough day. Ascent of the Kaznok pass (1B4400ms). Descent through the gorge of Arg river to the valley of river Saritag to legendary Iskanderkul. Camping.

Day 13   Transfer via Penjikent to Samarkand. accommodation in hotel. Excursion to Shohi-Zinda, mosque-medresse Bibikhanum and history museum of Uzbekistan.

Day 14   Transfer Samarkand - Tashkent (290 kms). Flight back home.



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