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Afghanistan Afghanistan and Tajikistan: Wakhan Corridor Trek - [ Tours ]

As many of you will be aware, silkroad caravan tours is a company that has been set up by travellers for travellers and the company ethos has always been to help adventurous souls get to incredible places that would otherwise remain inaccessible. We are therefore truly proud to be able to offer this real adventure into Afghanistan’s famous Wakhan Corridor. This will be our 5th continuous year operating trips in this narrow strip of land that once formed the buffer zone between the British & Russian Empires.

It was of immense strategic importance during the 19th century Great Game, though today the area, inhabited predominantly by Wakhi herdsmen is remote, peaceful and blessed with some of the finest mountain scenery the world has to offer. From Dushanbe in Tajikistan we will travel first to the Afghan border at Ishkashim, cross over and make our way to the start of our trek, deep in the Afghan Pamir. Taking a circular route, our trek will take us up into the Little Pamir to Cheqmaqtin Lake, home to a band of isolated Kyrgyz pastoralists before returning via a higher and more demanding route (including a 4887m pass) to our base at Sarhad-e Broghil.


Day 1: Tour starts in Dushanbe (Tajikistan)

Hotel for tonight is included although the suggested flights arrive in the early hours of Day 2.

Day 2: Dushanbe

Settle in then take a wander around the bazaar in this impressive city with its mountain backdrop.

Day 3: Dushanbe - Kalaikhum

Drive the famous Pamir Highway, a road vital to the country. Break the journey for lunch and photos.

Day 4: Kalaikhum - Ishkashim

Travel to the city of Ishkashim, via Khorog. We spend much of the day looking across the river into Afghanistan.

Day 5: Exploring the Tajik Wakhan

Today we spend some time exploring the Tajik Wakhan and doing some walking as well as visiting a hot spring.

Day 6: To Ishkashim (Afghan)

Cross over the Panj River Bridge into Afghanistan, customs and immigration will require patience.

Day 7: Ishkashim - Qala e Panj

Enter the Wakhan Corridor on a rough soviet-built road crossing rivers and seeing locals as we go.

Day 8: Qala e Panj - Sarhad e Broghil

We hit the end of the narrow valley road; from here on we will need the help of animals to continue.

Day 9: In Sarhad e Broghil

Spend a day acclimatising in this stunning village while loading pack animals and getting ready.

Day 10: Trek Daliz Pass to Shauer

A tough first day crossing a pass at 4277m which takes around 7hrs but our first camp is incredible.

Day 11: Trek to Zankuk

Follow the river to the small settlement of Borak (3453m) and continue to Zanuk, 7hrs walking total.

Day 12: Trek to Warrum Gash

A 6hr day starts with an easy climb to Langar then to Warrum Gash where we briefly leave the river.

Day 13: Trek to Kachin

An 8hr trek to two Kyrgyz villages populated with descendants of folk who fled 1917 Bolshevik Russia.

Day 14: Visit Bozai Gumbaz

A relaxed day to visit an old military base and Kyrgyz burial ground under towering mountain peaks.

Day 15: Trek to Lake Cheqmaqtin

The final 7hr push to this remote lake at 4015m which is the summer home of many Kyrgyz families.

Day 16: At Lake Cheqmaqtin

Relax with the local people and take in the magnificent surroundings in a place you wonÂ’t forget.

Day 17: Trek to Aqbelis Pass

Today we trek for 8hrs into the heart of the mountains taking the high route away from the river.

Day 18: Trek to Garumdee

Tackle the high Aqbelis pass at 4595m and camp with the valley to ourselves after another 8hr walk.

Day 19: Trek to Ralom e Kotan

We reach Warrum ValleyÂ’s highest pass at 4887m and our reward is fresh kebabs after our 6hr day.

Day 20: Trek to Sarokreo

Today we begin to descend taking in the magnificent 6000m peaks around us on a slow 6hr trek.

Day 21: Trek to Khundor

Travel 7hrs downstream, crossing the river at a suitable point, seeing many pertoglyphs as we go.

Day 22: Trek to Shauer

We have a steep descent out of the high valley and rejoin the river at Borak during a 6hr trek.

Day 23: Cross Daliz Pass to Sarhad

Some tough descents but amazing views on a 7hr walk to our first permanent settlement in 2 weeks.

Day 24: Contingency Day

If we are on schedule then today we can just relax in wonderful Sarhad village before continuing on.

Day 25: Sarhad - Goz Khan

Drive back through the Corridor and tonight we stay gazing our over the Pamir River to Tajikistan.

Day 26: Goz Khan - Ishkashim

Return to the town of Ishkashim in Afghanistan with time for shopping and dinner and exploring.

Day 27: Ishkashim - Khorog (Tajikistan)

A real change of scenery as we enter the university town of Khorog and our first hotel in 2 weeks.

Day 28: Khorog - Kulyab

Leaving the Pamir Mountains behind us we make our way slowly westwards and appreciate the scenery.

Day 29: Kalaikhum - Dushanbe

Our final drive takes us back to the capital of Tajikistan for a hard-earned celebratory dinner.

Day 30: Tour ends in Dushanbe

Tour finishes this morning.



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