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Pakistan trout fishing.Fly fishing Gilgit Baltistan - [ Tours ]

Pakistan is an angler's paradise, offering excellent opportunities for fishing in stunning, secluded and picturesque surroundings. As a matter of fact, for trout fishing holiday, the Northern Pakistan

Much of the trout fishing areas in Pakistan lie in the Northern Pakistan. The clear rivers and lakes of Northern Pakistan provide exciting opportunities for trout fishing. Trout fish of Northern mountain streams of Pakistan is famous for taste throughout the world. Kaghan, Swat, Ghizer, and Baltistan

Fly fishing is still new here in this part of world, The Indus River and its tributaries are the lifeline of Pakistan, Running from the highest mountain ranges in the world in the Himalayas down to the vast Arabian Sea, along the course of this mighty river lies some of the most exciting freshwater angling in the world - both course and game angling.
As the glacier laden mountains give way to the blistering subcontinent heat, the months from May to September provide one of the best brown trout fisheries in the world. Loch Leven trout, the eggs of which were brought over in ships more than a century ago have thrived in northern Pakistan's rich rivers and deep, crystal clear lakes. Here the story of brown trout is much the same as that of the rainbow trout in New Zealand. Often compared to Chile and Germany in terms of the average size of the brown trout caught, the difference lies in the altitude and scenery one an angler casts his fly in. The Himalayas are the tallest mountains in the world and fly-fishing against such a backdrop is truly an experience to remember. While rivers provide lighter tackle fun, the hidden lakes are the true treasure. Wild stock, brilliantly colored, and in fantastic sizes are waiting to be fought. Reports of 5 to 10lb fish are commonplace and a confirmed 18lb brownie has been caught! Rainbow trout in Pakistan are restricted to farms and have somehow not adapted to our local waters. This is perhaps just as well. Just about all fishing is done with spinners and the trout are completely unaware of flies. This makes fly-fishing in Pakistan one of the last true frontiers in the game anglers "must fish" list of locations.

Over fishing is the bane of that area and in the last few years; I have seen a reduction in both size and numbers. So if you guys do go up there, please catch and release. The season, by the way, is from roughly April through September/October.
  Chitral, the Lutkoh Valley has some action but doesn't compare with Ghizer. There are several places with a good reputation that I have not yet fished and hopefully will hit a few more this summer.
Ishott Lake used to have some serious lunkers until quite recently but my source hasn't been there for a couple of years. Overfishing is the bane of that area and in the last few years; I have seen a reduction in both size and numbers.




Arrival to Islamabad and transfer to the hotel, sightseeing in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Overnight at hotel.
Fly to Skardu, nearly one hour mountain flight, transfer to the hotel, sightseeing of Skardu at the evening time
Fishing at Satpara Lake/camp
Fishing at Satpara Lake/camp
Drive to Gilgit 6-7hrs drive, overnight at Hotel
Continue to Phunder/camp
Full-day fishing in the Phunder River

Proceed to Chitral via Shandur Pass/ Mastuj PTDC Hotel
Day-10 Mastuj  / Fishing in RIVER side
Full-day fishing in River/PTDC Hotel
Day-11 Mastuj  / Chitral Drive and stop on river side for fishing
Chitral  Hotel
Day-12 CHITRAL – Kelash Valley
Bumburat PTDC /Hotel
Day-13 Bumburat to Chitral

Drive only and stay in Chitral Hotel
Day-14Chitral to ISLAMABAD – Fly

Departure to Islamabad,

Day 15 Fly Home



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