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Pakistan Karomber Lake Trekking by Silkroad Caravan Tours - [ Trekking ]

Karomber Lake Trekking by Silkroad Caravan Tours

Karomber Lake Trekking by Silkroad Caravan Tours

 The trek of the Wahkhan Corridor had waters pass through the Picturesque Boroghil area, doted with green meadows and several small & Big lakes including Karambor Lake.The Karombar pass has the largest alpine meadows in Pakistan under the Hindukush and Pamirs. Experience with unforgettable beauty of Chittiboi, Zindakaram and Darkot, Glacier.

It is one the of the beautiful place in the Karakoram, Pamir and Hindukush mountains.

Karomber Lake is the only lake in the world that is at an altitude above 14,000 feet above sea level. The lake is fed by the surrounding mountain glaziers that melt in the summer. A nice time to visit is at the end of summer when the scenery is spectacular. Reddish wild flowers, lush green grass, and mountains surround the reflective lake that is spelled bounding. Lake of Karomber borders regions of Chitral with Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan.


Trekking Itinerary

Day 1 Islamabad  To Gilgit   by Air or by road

Day 2 Night Stay At Gilgit

Day 3 Gilgit to Mitteran dan                              Jeep Ride

Day 4Mitteran dan to Wargoth                         6~7 hours Trek

Day 5 Wargoth to Sokhtra Abad                        6 hours Trek

Day 6 Sokhtra Abad To Swinj                           7~8 hours Trek

Day 7 Swinj to Karambar Lake                         5 hours Trek

Day 8 Around The Karambar

Day 9 Karambar to Lashker warz                    7~8 hours Trek

Day 10 Laskher waz to Chikar bc                     7 Hours

Day 11 Chikar to Darkot Base Camp Fully Day Exertion

Day 12 Darkot Base Camp to Rawat

Day 13 Rawat To Gilgit (Jeep Ride)

Day 14Departure From Gilgit

Day 15 Arrival at Islamabad




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