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Pakistan Hunza 8 days tour - [ Tours ]

The Hunza people, or Hunzakuts, descend from the principality of Hunza. The Burusho or Hunzakuts (Hunza people), are an ethnic group indigenous to the Hunza Valley, Karakorum Mountains, Northern Pakistan. The Burusho claim to be descendants of the soldiers who came to the region with Alexander the Great's army in the 4th century BC. They live alongside the Wakhi and the Shina. The Wakhi reside in the upper part of Hunza locally called Gojal. Wakhis also inhabit the bordering regions of China, Tajikstan and Afghanistan and also live in Gizar and Chitral district of Pakistan. The Shina-speaking people live in the southern part of Hunza. They have come from Chilas, Gilgit, and other Shina language -speaking areas of Pakistan. The Hunzas are Shia Ismaili Muslims.[ DNA research groups the male ancestry of the Hunza with speakers of Pamir languages (Afghans) and the Sinti Romani (Gypsies), due primarily to the M124 marker , which is present at high frequency in all three populations.[ However, they have also an East Asian genetic contribution, suggesting that at least some of their ancestry originates north of the Himalayas.


                                                    8-DAYS TOUR  ISLAMABAD,GILGIT, HUNZA 

Day 01


Departure from Islamabad to Chilas. The main attraction of Chilas is the incredible collection of Buddhist Rock Art, stay at Chilas Shangri-La9- 10hours or drive vis Babusar pass to Gilgit stay at Gilgit Serena Hotel

Day 02


Departure for Karimabad, the most popular spot in Hunza Valley. Karimabad is a delightful village set in a wonderful location. On the way to Hunza, have a panoramic view of snow-capped peak, Rakaposhi (7,788 m). Afternoon, visit the dominating Baltit Fort, 900 year old summer residence of Mir of Hunza.

Day 03


Full day  in Hunza  Visit Altit Fort, and Sunset Tour view from Dukir  stay at Hunza embassy hotel or Serena Biltat Inn 

Day 04

Day 05



Free day in Hunza

Departure for Gulmit  and Passu Gojal Valley the home of Wakhi tribe  en route crossing the Great Ata abad Lake .Arrival Gulmit village vis Bot and transfer to car  drive to passu visit local House  and enjoy the view of Passu Cathedral Peaks, Batura Glacier, Passu Glacier.

Day 06


Departure for Gilgit. On the way lunch at Rakaposhi view point  and drive to Gilgit stay at Serena hotel Gilgit



Day 07


Departure for Besham along the Indus River Besham.

Day 08



Departure for Islamabad on the way visit Taxila Museum and sites

End of the tour




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