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·         "MalalaYousafzai" (Educational Activist from Swat Pakistan) "I want to go to school" on News Station TV Asahi

·         Book "PEN Plus" What is ISLAM ?" by Hankyu communication publishing


·         "Surprised Village in the world (Mohana tribe, Machar lake Sindh)" on TV Tokyo

·         "War on terror after 10 years in Afghanistan" on "SAPIO" monthly Magazine

·         TV SHOW "Earth Agora " on NHK BS-1

·         Complete edition: "What is Islam ? " on "PEN" magazine by Hankyu Communications Publishing

·         "Tokyo Cute TV " on NHK

·         "Iran under economic sanctions" on "News Station" TV Asahi.

·         "Challenge on the reconstruction of Afghanistan" on "ASIAN VOICES", NHK world


·           "China economic routesthrough KKH Pakistan" on "New Station" TV Asahi

·           "Decorated crowded bus of Karachi Pakistan"  on "Earth Agora" NHK BS-1

·           "10 years after 911"on "News Station" TV Asahi.

·           "Osama bin Laden killing" on "News Station" TV Asahi /

·           Astonishment quiz Pakistanon TV Tokyo

·           Astonishment quiz Iran on TV Tokyo

·           TV SHOW "the over-crowded train in Pakistan" on TV Tokyo.

·           "Out of Afghanistan. Will the war on terror really end?"on  ASIAN VOICES, NHK world

·           "SAPIO" monthly Magazine by Syougakkan

·           Monthly magazine "G2" by Kodansha

·           Coverage of the Islamic countries "PEN" Monthly Magazine by Hankyu Communications

·            "The Future of Mind"  Kyoto University Research Center.


·           "Robot weapons of USA and weapons of the poor in Afghanisntan" on NHK Special&NHK High Vision Channel.

·           "Climate change of the earth " "Earth AGORA" on NHK BS-1

·           "SDF dispatch flooding Pakistan" on News Station TV Asahi

·           "Irrigation canal completionby Afghanistan NGO Peshawar-kai"on News Station TV Asahi

·           Japan FM Network "Flowers" Interviewabout  Hunza (Radio) "Dangerous suspension bridge in Pakistan!"on Miracle                         

             Variety program "Experience unbelievable" Fuji TV


·           "A smile of the flower garden and bullet in Afghanistan"onNHK Special

·           Supernatural phenomenon Specialon TV Asahi

·           World Music Special (NusratFateh Ali Khan) onNHK BS-1

·           Obama:Change for Asia? on  "ASIAN VOICES", NHK world

·           Afghanistan Road of Peace" on  "ASIAN VOICES", NHK world

·           Nuclear proliferation  menace on  "ASIAN VOICES", NHK world


·           "The Spread of Terror" on "ASIAN VOICES", NHK world

·           "Marriott Hotel bombings"on "News Station"  TV Asahi / News

·           "The murder of Afghanistan NGO" on "News Station"  TV Asahi / News

·           "Pakistan election 2008" on "News station" TV Asahi /

·           "Eight years from 911" on "News station" TV Asahi

·           "Terrorism war battle front. Taliban is ..." on News station TV Asahi

·           "Mystery of the 15-days of Bhutto assassination"  NHK Special / BS-1

·           "Nixon visits to China. The truth of the 35th year. U.S. and China approach century" on BS documentary NHK BS-1 "


·           "Bhutto assassination" on Super Morning News / reportingNews TV Asahi

·           "Red Mosque incident"on News Station TV Asahi

·           "Kidnapping Japanese students in Iran"on News Station TV Asahi


·           "The struggle of the Japanese Dr.  have been seeking the water of life – Afghanistan" on  NHK educational


·           After the M7.6 Kashmir great earthquake.
            The coordination of all the TV Asahi news.

            News Scrambleon Osaka Yomiuri TV.

·           "The battlefield changed the history. India Pakistan separation & independent" on BS documentary NHK


·           "From the land of war and drought, 20 years ofDr.Tetsu Nakamura"on NHK ETV Special

·           "Japanese challenge to Afghan disarmament" on BS documentary NHK

·           "Great earthquake Bam World Heritage in Iran" on wake-up,NippponTV


·           "Japanesepolice!"on Scoop  special on TV Asahi

·           "The Iraq War not over&on scene in Afghan"on Fuji TV

2001/  2002

Since 911

·           "The Scoop", "News Station" on TV Asahi news program

·           "Afghanistan human highway"on NHK documentary Asia

·           "I still go to Afghanistan," on documentary Asahi Broadcasting Osaka, Etc,  

              Coordination of Nihon Denpa News Japan &  Asia Press Japan

·           "Wahan last unexplored region of the earth" on "Naturing Special" on TV Asahi

·           "People of the wind. Poetry wins the Silk Road" on Documentary TV Nishi-nippon

·           "One road (Grand Trunk Road) Peshawar" on NHKdocumentary


·           "2,900 km  the Indus River large pilgrimage" on "Naturing Special" TV Asahi 
            "Did you see the paradise!" Passu mountainous village in northern Pakistanon  

             TV Asahi 40th Anniversary Special Documentary·          

             "21st century special on New Year's Day " Afghan refugees camp,
              Japanese Dr. Tetsu Nakamura on NHK documentary


·           "The caravan of healing is endless"
             JapaneseDr.Tetsu Nakamura challenges the Hindu Kush mountains on NHK Special

·           "Great Karakoram - Village on the sky. Summer village of the Wakhitribe of the Pamir"
             on NHK documentary

·           "Mid night express train on1997. Go west! Eurasia edition" on TV Asahi
              TBS "World Heritage, Mohenjo-Daro" "Harappa"
             NHK "WHO'S WHO"
             and many others F2, Du "Islaili",
             BBC radio "Voice from the nature"

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